Patricia Izquierdo

Tell us your position at BBVA and describe briefly your daily work for the bank.

I am a designer and to briefly describe it I would say that design solves problems and therefore, the designer is responsible for identifying those problems, analyzes them and then turn them into opportunities and finally tests with users that the solution to those problems is the best possible.

What professional project do you feel more proud of? Tell us about it.

If we’re talking about a professional project that’s been released, I’m proud of a project we did for the Royal Society of Arts in London. It was to renovate a place where members had met since the 18th century to discuss ideas for improving society. The overall project was complex as it involved a complete transformation of the building, both architecturally and digitally. And at all times we considered design centered on the members themselves, who were also part of the design/architects team with a representative.

How would you define yourself as a designer? Talent, purposes, etc.

If I had to define myself as a designer, I’d say I tend towards simplicity. The adjective “simple” has always been used as a derogatory. In my opinion every design should be doubly simplified. In other words, first you create something simple, then you complicate it and then you synthesize what you have learned and simplify it. So there’s a doubly simple product. I have always considered that it is more difficult to make a simple product than a complex one.

Do you have outside project or are you planning starting one? Explain what is about!

I have and love to have parallel projects, although these are not usually individual, I usually do them with more people and without deadlines or with rather loose deadlines. For example, I’m working on the design of an app that consists of a digital journal that aims to improve the quality of trainers. Another project that I would like to carry out has to do with recycling. I think that doing several tasks for different purposes makes me focus more on individual tasks.

What is your favorite song?

The first one that came to mind was: “Killing me softly” by Fugees. If not, any song by Whitney Houston or Destiny Child.


Which places have you bookmarked in your weather app? Why do you have them?

Madrid, city where I currently live; London, city where I lived until two months ago and to which I return quite often; Bordeaux, city where one of my best friends lives and where I try to escape from time to time; Marrakech, my last long trip.

Regardless of money, what would be your ideal job?

If I didn’t consider money, my family or friends, I would love to travel the world living in different cities learning their way of designing or their technological advances and then write about it.

What extracurricular activities do you do that would surprise people?

I do advertising campaigns in Instagram.

What would you need to have a perfect day?

My family and friends.

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