Soledad Abad

Tell us your position at BBVA and describe briefly your daily work for the bank.

I’m starting in UX and as a UX writer. My main job is to understand the user and research the apps the are related to the project I’m in. I also participate in the content discipline.

What professional project do you feel more proud of? Tell us about it.

At BBVA, the Smart Assistant project, as it is the first I have participated in and it has been a challenge in various aspects.
Regarding personal projects, I would say DocIn, an app I designed to put doctorate students who shared similar academic interests in touch with each other. This way, relationships based on comradeship and support could be built.

How would you define yourself as a designer? Talent, purposes, etc.

I have just landed in this world, but I guess I bring a lot of my profile as a doctoral student and I like to investigate, investigate and compose based on the results.

Do you have outside project or are you planning starting one? Explain what is about!

I am currently developing my doctoral thesis in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature in which I am conducting research on several of the novels of José María Merino.

What is your favorite song?

She’s a rainbow, by The Rolling Stones.


Which places have you bookmarked in your weather app? Why do you have them?

Torrejón de Ardoz, where I live; Alcalá de Henares, where I have studied for many years and towards which I feel a special attraction; and Torrevieja, where I usually spend my holidays.

Regardless of money, what would be your ideal job?

I would be a teacher, though I know I’d have a bright future as a doughnut taster.

What extracurricular activities do you do that would surprise people?

I don’t know if it can be considered exactly a hobby, but it’s often surprising that my second line of research is built on humour and social networks.

What would you need to have a perfect day?

A good book, coffee and a quiet corner as soon as I wake up. Afterwards, a long walk in good company.

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