Design at BBVA

Our story:

The team had the mission of transforming BBVA into a digital organisation.

Nowadays, the design team has grown to more than 200 people globally. We have trained more than 1000 employees in Design methodologies, we worked in more than 250 projects, initiatives and features.

Our purpose:

To bring the age of opportunity to everyone

Our slogan:

Creating Opportunities

Our mission is:

Transform BBVA into a human-centered service organisation that leads the future of the financial industry enabling people to be more connected to their personal purpose.

Our vision is:

To help people make better decisions around money, transforming it from a source of distress into a source of opportunity to fulfill their needs, wishes and ambitions.

3 facts about us that drive our work:

We are user advocates

We put BBVA at the service of people.

We are thinkers & doers

We strive to ask the right questions and make things tangible.

We are change agents

We facilitate corporate transformation.

Our design principles are:

We pay attention to what is important

We take care to understand people and detect their needs are in each moment of their life. The content we offer is always useful and valuable to them.

We are honest

We have no reason not to be. We see transparency as the right to be able to decide with freedom. Therefore, we inform about the advantages and consequences of everything we do.

We treat people like humans

Which is how we see our users, our clients and the companies we work with. We create services centered around people, our aim is to have an adequate and natural exchange with them.

We let them make their own decisions

We make the most of the power of technology and data to make financial matters an everyday thing. We guide people so they can take control of all their economic decisions.

We start locally, to build globally

We design for a local context, but from a global reality. We take the opportunity to scale the best design practices in all the countries where we are present.

Our goals are:

Lay the foundations

We build and deploy the foundations to transform BBVA into a customer centric services company and deliver Design at a global scale, setting a standard of excellence.

Deliver Solutions

We make the delivery of solutions in the hands of customers and employees tangible by designing customer and colleague solutions, from concept to delivery and implementation.

Shape the future

We explore future opportunities for new value creation to shape corporate strategy and nurture future project portfolio.

Our results:.


You can access to see our financial metrics from this year.

For more details:

Download our full vision here