What is Design Thinking?
Design Thinking is a methodology created by designers which aims to ease the creation of products and services in multidisciplinary teams, allowing both designers and non-designers to use it by following clear instructions.
This framework focuses on solving complex problems and creating useful and attractive solutions for end-users. Based on research, through Design Thinking we are capable of understanding the needs of the users and limit the problems to be solved. It combines a discovery-based “build and learn” process with a set of flexible, collaborative and creative tools.
Design Thinking can be applied to any kind of problem: digital interfaces, physical products, services, organizations, economic and social problems.
Design thinking can provide value at any time in the project or product development cycle. There is no need to wait for a project to begin to obtain value from the use of the framework.
Design Thinking at BBVA
BBVA is using Design Thinking to facilitate its transformation as an organization. To support this initiative, BBVA has created an easy-to-follow training plan.
If you want to be part of this transformation, your path begins with an introductory online course that defines the methodology and its basic concepts. The next step is a practical and collaborative workshop, Design Thinking Fundamentals, where you will acquire foundational knowledge and practical skills. And for those who wish to go even deeper, we offer Masterclasses where you can gain more experience with specific tools and techniques.


STEP 1: Design Thinking Express

This is your first step in becoming a Design Thinker. You’ll be introduced to the methodology and basic tools. You’ll understand what is meant by Design Thinking.


STEP 2: Design Thinking Fundamentals

Get first-hand experience of transforming the way you and your team work together through a 4-day collaborative workshop followed by a guided project over 3 months.


STEP 3: Master Classes


Deepen your Design Thinking skills through these 1 or 2 day workshops with our experts. Find opportunities to share, coach and guide others towards transformation.

Our framework
It consists of 4 phases: Understanding, Ideation, Prototyping and Evaluation. These phases are applied iteratively and the process can start with any of them. That is why we represent it as a circle. Having the right mindset is a fundamental part of the methodology.